Can I add pool cleaner to the pool when using a pool filter balls?

During daily pool maintenance, many pool owners are concerned about a question: Can I add pool cleaner to the pool when using pool filter balls? This question involves how best to keep your pool water clear while ensuring the proper functioning of your pool equipment. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the issue and explore whether it’s feasible to use pool cleaners with filter balls. ​

When you are using swimming pool filter balls, avoid using swimming pool cleaning products as they can damage the filter media.

Ⅰ. Chemical reactions may cause damage

Swimming pool cleaner products often contain chemicals that can react with the material of the filter balls. Such a reaction will cause structural damage to the filter material, causing the filter balls to lose their shape and integrity, affecting their filtration performance.

1. Oxidants include hydrogen peroxide, ozone, etc., but are not limited to these. This chemical substance has a strong oxidizing ability and will cause oxidation and degradation of the filter ball material, thereby weakening the structural strength of the filter media.

2. Strong acid or alkalinity will corrode the material of the filter ball. This chemical reaction will cause the surface of the filter media to become rough or have small cracks, thereby reducing the filtration effect.

3. Clarifier products containing volatile organic solvents can react chemically with the filter ball material, causing solvent penetration and damage to the filter ball structure.

4. High-concentration minerals will precipitate or crystallize with the filter balls in the filter, forming solid residues that can be deposited in the pores of the filter material, causing blockage, hindering normal water circulation, and weakening the filtration performance.

5. If other swimming pool chemicals, additives or impurities react with the material of the filter ball, it may cause changes in the material and damage its physical properties.

Ⅱ. Reduce filter balls life

Improper cleaning agents will accelerate the wear and aging of the filter element and shorten the service life of the filter ball. The particles or chemicals contained in the detergent will cause friction on the surface of the filter ball, making the material rough.

Such surface roughness will accelerate the friction of the filter ball in the water, thereby increasing the degree of wear. The special filter ball design is mainly intended to provide long-term filtration effect. However, if used at the same time with incompatible detergents, it will cause the filter element to require Frequent replacement increases maintenance costs.

Ⅲ. Impact on water quality

The chemical components contained in swimming pool cleaners will have a certain impact on the quality of the water, which is contradictory to the effect of the filter.

The function of the filter is to remove impurities and particles in the water, and the addition of detergents will bring new chemical components, which will change the water quality and affect the transparency of the pool water. ​

So, when you use a swimming pool filter, it is very important not to add swimming pool cleaners. The chemical components in the cleaner may be incompatible with the swimming pool filter balls, causing a series of adverse reactions that affect water quality and equipment life. To ensure clear pool water and stable equipment operation, we strongly recommend paying attention to the ingredients when choosing a cleaner and following correct pool maintenance methods. By carefully choosing and using cleaners, we can ensure the long-term health and good operation of your pool.