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ball filter

Industrial versatility: Especially suitable for swimming pools and industrial water treatment fields, ensuring compatibility with various water purification equipment.

Innovative Features: Designed to directly replace traditional sand molds in filtration systems. This is a modern and efficient water purification technology.

Reusable and Cleanable: The filter ball is easy to clean and easy to reuse. This not only makes them environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective because they do not have to be replaced as often as conventional filter media.

High filtration efficiency: able to filter particles below 3 microns. Such a high level of filtration ensures crystal clear water, making it ideal for swimming pools as it is very important for water cleanliness and cleanliness.

Optimized for swimming pools: Although it has many uses, it is specifically designed filter balls for pool. This specialization ensures that they can meet the special requirements of swimming pool water, such as efficient treatment of chlorine and other swimming pool chemicals.

Lightweight and easy to operate: Unlike heavy sand filters, this filter is light and easy to handle, install and replace, which reduces the workload of maintenance personnel.

Durability and service life: Filter balls made of durable materials can withstand the rigors of long-term water filtration systems and have a longer service life than traditional sand.

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We know how to find the right pool filtration solution. Our mission is to solve common problems associated with traditional pool filter balls. We strive to develop filter balls that are not only efficient at capturing dirt and debris, but are also durable and easy to maintain.

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Surely, It depend on your qty.

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We can offer package as clients requests. What’s more, free label design and printing will be offered.

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