How to Properly Clean Your Pool Filter Balls: A Guide to Cleaning Frequency and Methods

In maintaining the cleanliness and health of swimming pools, correctly cleaning the filter balls is an essential step. Pool filter balls are an efficient filtration medium, effectively removing impurities from the water and keeping it clear. However, to maximize the effectiveness of the filter balls, it’s not only important to know the frequency of cleaning but also the methods of doing so. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how and how often to clean a swimming pool, along with practical cleaning tips.

A picture of cleaning a swimming pool filter ball

Cleaning Frequency for Different Situations

  • Frequently Used Home Pools: For example, if your home pool is used daily, it’s best to clean the filter balls once a month. This is because new impurities and dust are brought in during daily use, so frequent cleaning is necessary to ensure the efficiency of the filter core.
  • Less Frequently Used Home Pools: If it’s not used often, such as a few times a week, then cleaning every two or three months is sufficient. As impurities accumulate slowly, frequent cleaning is not required.
  • Cleaning After Large Events: If a large party or event is held in the pool, and many people use it on the day, please clean the filter balls immediately after the event. The dust and impurities generated by the crowd necessitate timely cleaning to effectively avoid reduced filtration efficiency.
  • Seasonal Cleaning: Perform a deep clean before and after the opening period. Especially after the hot summer days, as frequent use of the pool leads to the accumulation of dust and grease on the filter balls. Deep cleaning ensures the pool is in its best condition when the new swimming season arrives.

How to Properly Clean Pool Filter Balls?

  1. Before starting the cleaning process, please make sure to turn off all the pool’s filtration systems, pumps, and other accessories.
  2. Open the filter cover and carefully remove the filter balls. For convenience, we recommend using a large bucket or basin.
  3. Use a showerhead or hose to first rinse the filter balls with clean water to remove large particles and dirt.
  4. If the filter core is dirty, immerse it in a mild cleaning solution. You can use a pool-specific cleaner or diluted household cleaner, but be careful not to use too strong chemicals, as they may damage the filter balls. The soaking time depends on the severity of the dirt, usually from several hours to overnight.
  5. After soaking, thoroughly wash the filter balls with clean water. During cleaning, check the filter core for any damage or wear. If severe damage occurs, it must be replaced immediately.
  6. Once you have finished cleaning and rinsing, let it air dry or use a clean cloth to dry it. After drying, place the filter balls back into the filter and ensure they are properly installed.

In conclusion, regular and proper cleaning of the pool’s filter balls is key to maintaining the quality of the pool. By choosing an appropriate cleaning cycle based on the frequency of pool use and environmental conditions, and adopting the right cleaning methods, you can effectively extend the life of the filter balls and ensure the cleanliness and safety of the pool water.