Using Pool Filter Balls in Commercial Pool

Using Pool Filter Balls in Commercial Pools
Commercial pools experience high usage rates and face more challenges in maintaining water quality.

Challenges Faced by Large Commercial Pools

Commercial pools experience high usage rates and face more challenges in maintaining water quality. The quality of pool water not only affects the experience of swimmers but also concerns their health and safety. Therefore, finding an efficient and economical way to keep the water clean is a problem every commercial pool operator must solve.

Pollution from High Usage

Large commercial pools host numerous swimmers daily. Oils, sweat, and cosmetic residues from the human body can contaminate the water. Additionally, swimmers bring in dust and bacteria, which quickly accumulate and affect the clarity and safety of the water.

Environmental Pollution

Pools, often located outdoors or in semi-open environments, are easily polluted by external factors. Wind can blow in dust, leaves, and other debris, while rainwater can bring acidic substances and silt, all of which negatively impact water quality.

Use of Chemical Agents

Maintaining stable water quality requires various chemical agents, such as chlorine disinfectants and pH adjusters. However, improper use of these chemicals can lead to secondary pollution of the water and even pose health risks to swimmers. Therefore, how to use and control chemical agents properly is also a significant challenge.

Advantages of Pool Filter Balls in Commercial Pools

Efficient Filtration, Improved Water Quality

Pool filter balls can capture micron-sized particles, significantly improving water clarity. Experiments show that filter balls can remove over 99% of small particles and organic matter in water, effectively preventing murkiness and odors. Additionally, filter balls can absorb oils and cosmetic residues in the water, further enhancing water quality.

Simple Maintenance, Lower Costs

Compared to traditional sand filter systems, pool filter balls are simpler to maintain. They do not require frequent backwashing; periodic removal and rinsing suffice. This saves a significant amount of water and reduces maintenance time and labor costs. Moreover, the replacement cycle of filter balls is longer, typically lasting several years, further lowering operational costs.

Energy Efficient and Long-lasting

Pool filter balls generally have a longer lifespan than traditional sand filter media, typically over five years. They are durable and maintain good filtration performance throughout their lifecycle. Additionally, filter balls do not require frequent backwashing, conserving a large amount of water and providing significant environmental benefits.

Steps to Use Pool Filter Balls

Using filter balls for sand filter in large commercial pools is relatively simple, but careful operation is still necessary to ensure optimal results. Here are the detailed steps:


Before installing the filter balls, inspect and clean the pool filtration system. First, shut down the filtration system and drain any remaining water and debris inside. Then, disassemble the filter, remove the old filter media (such as sand or other materials), and clean the residue and dirt inside the filter.

Installing Filter Balls

Evenly place the ball filter into the filter, ensuring they are tightly packed to form an efficient filtration layer. During installation, avoid uneven or loose packing, as this can affect filtration effectiveness. Once installed, reassemble the filter, ensuring all components are securely connected and watertight.

Starting the Filtration System

Start the pool filtration system, allowing pool pump filter balls to begin working. Monitor the system’s operation to ensure smooth water flow without blockages. For the initial use, you can extend the filtration time to maximize the filter balls’ effect.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Despite the simplicity of maintaining pool filter balls, regular cleaning is still necessary. Every few weeks or months, shut down the filtration system, remove the filter balls, and rinse them with clean water to remove attached debris. After cleaning, place the filter balls back into the filter for continued use.

Daily Maintenance of Pool Filter Balls

To maintain long-term water quality, daily maintenance is essential in addition to using filter balls for sand filter. Here are some daily maintenance suggestions:

Regular Water Quality Testing

Regularly test pool water to ensure all indicators (such as pH levels and chlorine content) are within normal ranges. Use professional water testing kits or pool water test strips for periodic checks. If abnormalities are found, take timely measures to adjust them.

Cleaning Pool Bottom and Walls

Regularly clean the debris at the bottom and walls of the pool to prevent dirt buildup. Use a pool vacuum and brushes to thoroughly remove sediment, keeping the pool bottom and walls clean.

Control Chemical Agent Use

Use pool chemicals rationally to ensure stable and safe water quality. Based on water quality test results, add disinfectants and adjusters in appropriate amounts to avoid overuse and prevent negative impacts on water quality and equipment.

Keep Pool Surroundings Clean

Maintain cleanliness around the pool to reduce external debris entering the pool. Regularly sweep the pool’s surrounding area to remove leaves and trash, ensuring a tidy environment. Consider planting low-shedding plants around the pool to minimize debris sources.

Use a Pool Cover

When the pool is not in use, cover it with a pool cover to prevent dust, leaves, and other debris from entering. A pool cover also reduces water evaporation, conserving water.


Through this article, you should now understand the many advantages of pool filter balls in large commercial pools. Whether it’s improving water quality, reducing maintenance costs, or being energy efficient and environmentally friendly, pool filter balls demonstrate excellent performance. If you are looking for an efficient and economical solution to keep your pool water clean, consider this new filtration medium. Let’s use ball filter and pool pump filter balls together to tackle water quality challenges and enjoy a crystal-clear pool!