A Good Tool for Pool Sewage Filtration- Pool Filter Ball

Excellent pool filter ball

The water treatment function of the pool filter ball

Because the pool filter ball is made of very fine fiber ligature, there is a strong adsorption and interception effect during filtration. The filtration accuracy is at the micron level, and the pool filter ball plays a crucial role in fine filtration of sewage and bacteria in the water. These are other filter media can not be compared. There is also the durability of the pool filter ball, after a period of use, as long as it is backwashed or cleaned again, it can be reused.

Pool filter ball filter material is a fiber-based filter media, its principle is similar to the traditional filter material, but it is unique in the use of spherical structure. The design of the pool filter ball allows it to have a larger surface area and better capture suspended matter and particulates, thus increasing filtration efficiency. In addition, the spherical structure of the pool filter ball also facilitates the uniform distribution of fluid, reduces pressure loss, and extends the service life of the filter material.

The filtration speed of the pool filter ball filter material can be adjusted

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