Attention Required in Swimming Pool Water Treatment

pool filter ball
After the pool filter ball filters the impurities of the pool, it is collected and cleaned to prepare for the next cleaning of the pool

The residual chlorine content should not be too high

  1. Ensure that the free residual chlorine in the swimming pool water is controlled between 0.3 and 1.0mg/L, and the combined residual chlorine is controlled within 0.4mg/L. The residual chlorine content should not be too high, otherwise the swimmer will feel uncomfortable because of the strong pungent smell, and it is easy to cause irritation and damage to the swimmer’s skin, especially the face and eyes.
  2. In addition, the residual chlorine value should not be too low, otherwise it can not effectively play the role of disinfection and sterilization, and it is difficult to ensure the health and safety of swimmers.
  3. During the summer swimming peak, in addition to ensuring that the amount of residual chlorine  is sufficient during the opening period, after closing at night, the pool water should also maintain a high amount of residual chlorine (disinfectant can be added within 2 hours before the recovery system is closed).
  4. By extending the contact time of residual chlorine, it can kill and reduce spore-type bacteria and those with strong chlorine resistance, etc., so as to further ensuring the effective killing ability of residual chlorine on bacteria when the museum opens the next day.

Strengthen the operation of the circulating filtration system

Pool water pH control

The PH value of the swimming pool water must be maintained in the range of 7.2-7.8. In the swimming pool treatment, adjusting the pH value is very important, the bactericidal effect of most disinfectants depends on the pH value, so the pool manager should monitor the PH value every day to meet the standard, if not to adjust in time, so that the PH value is maintained in the best effective range of disinfectants.

Clean and disinfect the premises regularly


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