Does Sun Exposure Reduce the Pool Filter Ball’s Effectiveness?

Pool filter balls being exposed to the sun

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From the research findings, it can be seen that the pool filter ball not only has good elasticity and filtration effectiveness but, more importantly, it is very durable and not easily damaged. Pool filter ball is very fast, it is not afraid of exposure, so the stability of the pool filter ball is very strong.

Expand the applicationFactors affecting the service life of the pool filter ball

  1. Material quality: The quality and durability of the pool filter ball is an important factor affecting its use time. High-quality pool filtration balls usually have better wear resistance and durability, and can withstand longer use.
  2. Use mode and environment: the use mode, application object and working environment of the pool filter ball will also affect its service life. Pool filter balls may last longer if used in light cleaning and grinding tasks, and if violent collisions or excessive pressure are avoided. At the same time, the use in a clean environment also helps to extend the service life of the pool filter ball.
  3. Cleaning and maintenance: Regularly cleaning and maintaining the pool filter ball can extend its life. After cleaning the pool sewage, promptly remove impurities and residues attached to the pool filter ball. Keep it dry and store it in a suitable environment.

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